David began life at an early age. There hasn't
been much maturity since then, but, to hear him say it,
he keeps trying. David has been playing guitar since
he was about 8. He says, "I keep trying to figure it
(guitar) out. I have been a vocalist for several groups,
but being able to sing with my brothers is my life's
greatest blessings after my children."

Howard has a way of putting everyone around him
at ease. He has been a church leader most of his
life. You will find him at each service, leading the
singing. He has a kind of sincerity, that leaves no doubt
as to what he believes.

If you don't want to know the truth, don't ask
Randal. He will speak his mind and do it his way.
But when Randal sings, it makes you feel like you
have known him forever. Each song gives you
a unique insight into the man.

Keith is the baby brother. He is largely
responsible for the technical work on our
new CD and has the patience of a saint, the
ear of a critic, and helps us find our harmony