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Left to Right (Back Row): Dad, Keith, Mom
Bottom: Randal, Gary, David, Howard, June

Left to Right: Keith, Howard, Randal, David
Mom and Little Bit: foreground

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Hey, y'all!

As you can see from the photo (above, left), we grew up in church. We were singing good Southern Gospel before anyone ever put that label on it. We’ve been pickin’ and grinnin’ ever since, although sporadically, I’ll admit. There are actually 5 Stephenson brothers and a sister (June - bless her). The brothers are, David, Howard, Randal, Gary, and Keith. Gary lives in New York but we hope he will be able to sing with us full time one day. The entire family grew up with music, in a home where the Bible and prayer helped shape our lives. We were taught to respect God and our fellow man.

Of course families drift apart. Children grow up and start families of their own. But now, the four brothers who comprise The Stephenson Brothers are all living within a few miles of each other, and we’ve started wailin’ away again. So after many years of going in different directions, we have come full circle to what we all feel we were meant to do. Now we find ourselves as aging musical rookies.

Our music features a strong acoustic content and harmonies that are aided by nature and family. Many groups have a lead singer, a baritone, a tenor and a bass. One of the things that makes us different is we all take the lead now an then. Our voices and styles are very different as individuals but, David says, "put us all together and it blends into something completely new". One of our challenges is to remember who sings what part and when. It has been said that we sing by "letter"....we open our mouths and let-er fly!

We proudly announce the release of a new CD. It contains twelve original songs written, arranged, performed, produced and recorded exclusively by The Stephenson Brothers, so there’s no one to blame but us. Any miniscule amount of talent you may hear seeping through is a gift from God. All mistakes are strictly ours. Visit the store for information on getting the CD or click the contact link.

You can also click on “Bookings/Contact” from the menu to have us play at your church or any function that could benefit from some good ole southern style gospel music. If you hear our CD, just be aware we don’t have a drummer who travels to gigs with us at this time. If there are any reliable drummers out there, we’re looking for one to join our group. You don’t have to play anything fancy, just keep the beat and enjoy what you’re doing. Click on “Bookings/Contact” above if you’re interested.

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